Download Puppet Ice Hockey: 2014 for Android

Puppet Ice Hockey: 2014 the game – Fun game for Android on hockey topics where you can fight one on one with the computer and with your friends on one device.

The main objective of the game is to win the opponent by scoring more goals.

Puppet Ice Hockey 2014

The most interesting thing in the game is its graphics, it is a cartoon, beautiful and very colorful, and the characters are drawn in a caricature style, which is very funny, they will certainly cause players smile.

During your battles you can use different bonuses, they will periodically appear on the field and they can pick up right stick.

Bonuses in the game, they are all different and fun, so for example, you can increase the size of the washer, to slow down your opponent or completely freeze it, you can change the force of gravity and so on, it looks really funny.

There are sixty-caricature hockey players representing sixteen countries, so there is plenty to choose from.

Download Puppet Ice Hockey: 2014


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