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Pocket Mine 2 for Android is an Interesting game on Android where you need to manage an interesting cartoon miners that will dig all kinds of precious items. As the name implies, the game Pocket Mine 2 is the sequel to the first game, with small modifications and improvements.

Pocket Mine 2


The process of digging the tunnel starts from the surface and further inland into the ground, dripping’ll special pick. Once you dug the first blocks the camera will start to descend rapidly, therefore you will need to make decisions faster in what side to drip.

Yes, every tunnel you will be allocated a certain number of points, which fly off at every blow kirk, so you need to dig with the mind, or the points run out and have to start all over again. In the process of digging you will come across different types of bonuses which will help in routing: a variety of bombs, explosives and powerful tools.

Is the game and the upgrade system where you can upgrade your digging tool and other elements of the equipment. From innovations it is possible to allocate several new locations and social component, which allows you to share your results with other players and participate in the ranking.

Download Pocket Mine 2 for Android


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