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Finally came the time when the once legendary, popular, and indeed the best casual games on the PC were ported to Android smartphones and tablets. One such game was the game for Android called Peggle Blast, which many tried to copy but no one has done anything like creations from PopCap.

Like the 2007 game, and the Android port looks absolutely identical, the developers carefully copied everything that was liked by the players and given it’s all absolutely free.Download-Peggle-Blast

The game will delight you with stunning atmosphere of positivity and fun (after all, your main friend in the game is a unicorn named Bjorn), colorful graphics, fun gameplay, which is really hard to put down and very easy to get used to it, and a very simple control, specially adapted for touch devices.

Gameplay and control:

For those who were not able to play this wonderful game on PC and was not even familiar with the game mechanics, will hold a brief digression. At your disposal is a gun that shoots balls that need to get on the orange caps that are on the playing field. The number of balls is limited, therefore, you should try to shoot so that one shot to take as much of the orange caps.

Below you can see the cart that rolls from side to side and if the ball will fall into it, then you bring him back. Besides this task, you can also face the task with the eggs of the Phoenix that you need to break, but it does not allow them to fall down, otherwise you’ll have to replay the level. Approximately every 15 levels you will have to fight a boss where you have until all your skills of precision and cool shooting with large combos, because you can win only if you score more points than the boss.

Game control is very simple: hold your finger on the screen and move it to aim and then tap once on the screen to shoot.
Graphics and soundtrack:

Visually, the game has remained at the same level as it was in 2007, and believe me, the game will surprise you with abundance of special effects. Separately, a stunning soundtrack, thanks to which I want to enter the game again and again.

To summarize: Peggle Blast is one of the best casual games, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to cheer yourself up, smile and have fun. The game is free, Donat is present, but does not affect game balance. Enjoy the game!

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