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Perhaps it is Opera Mini was the most popular browser for mobile phones “old school”, in java. Everyone who accesses the Internet from a mobile, could not imagine surfing the web without the app. Convenient and fast, he had no idea of the existence of your Chrome s and UC Browser available.

Opera Mini

But time passes, and the era of Android. The smartphone is no longer considered a luxury oddity, and mobile Internet – an expensive luxury. It was a severe blow to the popularity of Opera Mini. However, Opera Mini survived and adapted to the new environment survival; still, many users still choose it. And not without reason:


Opera Mini works on cloud technology – the requested page is first loaded on the Opera server, there are compressed, and then sent to your android device. This reduces the incoming traffic on average in 10 (!) time.
Opera Mini saves resources of the device for normal operation it requires approximately 4.5 MB of RAM. Quite modest.
– easy management of tabs on the bottom of the browser there is a button that indicates the number of currently open tabs. Clicking on it reveals thumbnail images of sites in these tabs, and if you lead them on with your finger – sites are displayed in expanded form. It simplifies the search tab with the desired sites in large number.

It is also worth noting the dial, which opens by default in a new tab. Maybe for some it’s a minus, but this dial is the tool for you, the users, and it doesn’t accumulate the sites that you like to linger. That will add something and will be. Some of it’s creepy delight (if you know what I mean…)

In conclusion, it is worth noting the function of the import bookmarks and settings from your PC-version of Opera. It is implemented through transmission links Opera Link and greatly simplifies the configuration of your browser after installation. Use of health.

Download Opera Mini


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