Download Montezuma’s Revenge! on android

Montezuma’s Revenge! android – Cool pixel platform game for Android in which the gameplay and graphics done in retro style.

The developers have prepared for users interesting point: in the beginning of the game you can choose the right schedule for you, it can be with three-dimensional volumetric character, and can be retro-style games 80-ies.

Monezuma's Revenge

In this game you have to play for a certain adventurer, who this time decided to explore the ancient pyramids of the Mayan civilization. You have to explore a huge variety of rooms in which you’ll find a different danger, will encounter various traps and enemies in the form of poisonous snakes, living skulls and other.

All of these risks you need to carefully work around, because lives are devoted to completing the level is very small and if all of them will have to spend to start over. At the moment, the developers have added to the yoke of nine levels, each level will be available ninety-nine rooms for study and passing, so the player will need in the sum complete as many as 891 room – not bad right?

Control of the game like the original a little uncomfortable, it is done with the joystick and jump button. The office is inconvenient that when the character jumps, the trajectory of his jump and the landing is almost impossible to calculate, but it does not harm the game.

Download Montezuma’s Revenge! on android


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