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Monkey Racing – Android is a Great arcade racing that will delight players of funny characters, interesting races in which you can apply a lot of bonuses, hilarious gameplay and simple controls. It is clear that the game does not claim to be a serious racing simulator, but due to its dynamic and multiple chips can drag on for many hours.

Monkey Racing


Before each race in the game Monkey Racing you can configure your vehicle, and you can not just paint the car and put it different “kits”, but to completely change her body and other details. By passing the registration of cars and you can dress up your racer, a monkey can wear different accessories: hats, glasses, jackets and so on. The gameplay is really fun, monkeys are an interesting look and can turn his head and react to different actions of the player.

After all the manipulations with the car and with the pilot, you can safely proceed to arrivals, the goal of each race is to reach the finish line at any cost, it is possible to play quite honestly, is the main result. It is clear that it is possible to beat the opponent and honest way, but it is quite difficult and quite boring, another thing to apply to the opponent different bonuses.

So along the way you can meet homing missiles, different protective fields, massive attack around the cars, the acceleration, and many others. When you win races, you unlock new tracks and earn money that you can actually petrinioti an improvement in their racing cars, as well as on new equipment for the pilot.

Play the game Monkey Racing for Android can be one, for this the developers have prepared eighty different tracks, and you can compete with real players thanks to the chic multiplayer. And you can play with players worldwide and you can gather your friends and connect to the same Wi-Fi network to have fun.

Download Monkey Racing


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