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Minecraft – Pocket Edition – a Cool 3D game in which You are the Almighty Creator of the world. Make the world your own world by means of various blocks: earth, wood, water, metal, wood, sand and so on. You can build all that your heart desires, gardens, sculptures, houses, generally the flight of Your imagination is not limited.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

For real fans of Minecraft, the developers have created a separate version of the game Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android. When this was created specially for her on-screen full keyboard control for total immersion in the 8-bit world of the game.

Android Minecraft You can create and destroy different blocks that compose the surrounding objects and the world, to use surrounding Cuba for crafting your own tools. In this almost unlimited freedom of the world you see through the eyes of a little man, who alone trying to survive in the harsh cubic world. Here you can cooperate with other users and build grandiose buildings and fantastic patterns. To do this in recent versions of Minecraft for Android is the ability to connect to multiplayer servers.

The whole point of the game in Minecraft is to add and remove blocks, each of which has its own properties and can interact with other, creating various items. That’s why you can craft and build great structures: bridges, castles, roads, Railways, all sorts of buildings, statues, and even pixel art. With sufficient knowledge in crafting, you can create mini-games on their own servers.

Version Minecraft Pocket Edition, by the way, was created separately for Android and iOS, so that everyone could become a Robinson, only having a smartphone based on the above operating systems. Initially (August 16 last year) was released version is only for smartphone Sony Xperia Play, which caused a lot of discontent at fans of the game. Because of the speed at Google Play (then Android Market) will have a universal version of Minecraft Pocket Edition for all Android devices with an ARMv7 CPU (7 October 2011). Download Minecraft for Android it was possible only after the payment is 6.99$, and even then only if You have a smartphone with Android versions 2.1 and above. If You only want only to see and to know what it is, then you can certainly download a free demo version of the game for Android, which is too far fewer features and playability. That’s why true fans need to have a smartphone middle segment and expensive flagships.

Pocket version Minecraft after migrating to smartphones has not changed from the classic PC versions and the Xbox 360. Here you can also change the whole world around us, which is all interactive.

At the moment, the only mode of Survival is not yet well established – it is impossible all the usual crafting items, it also has infinite blocks suggest that this version of Minecraft have been drastically reduced for smartphones compared to the PC version. Another good thing that there is full multiplayer, where it is possible to carry up to 40 units of raw materials and items.

First game demo version for smartphones happened at the exhibition of achievements of the game at E3 smartphone Sony Xperia Play. On the same day in an Ebay lot was exhibited in the form of a special version of the Sony Xperia Play, which was externally styled with the game itself. This model of smartphone was made in only 1 instance, but at higher interest in the game, the company will reconsider its decision and for sure there will be a limited-edition version of the popular games of the smartphone.

Minecraft Pocket Edition features two game modes:

1. Creative: there is neither day nor even the mobs. Just endless blocks. It is also possible here to fly. The graphics are slightly trimmed and the animation is only water, not even lava.

2. Survival: the Blocks are divided into 2 types – 1) which need to craft already have in inventory and they are infinite; 2) blocks that need to get absent. In this mode there are 2 kinds of mobs – sheep and zombies. From tools to games, there are stone tools that were impossible to break. So as not to risk in vain in this mode even has a health bar.

However, Survival limits the imagination of the player, as there is no crafting. Graphics for the pocket version is good and even has day and night, though it is not accompanied neither by the sun nor the moon. Map as in the Classic mode is limited to the perimeter. Added animation of lava, but still no animation of the falling blocks.

Download Minecraft – Pocket Edition


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