Download Man Of Soccer for Android

Man Of Soccer for Android – the Game is a very funny arcade football game in which the title will be fighting a full fifteen Nations of the world. Each of the countries are very eager to get the Cup and ready for him at all, even in the dirtiest action and techniques.

Man Of Soccer


Here’s an example of Western cowboys don’t hesitate to apply to the field for their guns, and ninja can launch their sharpest shuriken, in General, each representative of the country with their dirty tricks. The game has several modes, tournament, endless mode, survival mode, career mode and other, each player will be able to pick up that suits him.

In the games we always play for the player attacks, manage it will be by means of a virtual joystick and buttons for different actions: kick, shot, jerk, jump, and so forth. When you win battles you get it for the fees that can be spent on improving the skills of players, and you can buy new equipment, such as new shoes, new clothes and so on.

The graphics in Man Of Soccer the game looks very attractive, a pleasure to play, so download it and enjoy.

Download Man Of Soccer for Android


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