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LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes – awesome Android action game which is made based on the Marvel universe, and every little thing in the game is made in the style of well-known LEGO. This game is a simplified version of the computer game, the story was similar, but the game mechanics and graphics adapted for your Android device.

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes


Through the game you’ll gradually, with the heroes will be constantly changing. In each mission you can take two characters, between them you can quickly switch or second call for help in a difficult match situations. The levels in the game are located in different locations, but built on the same principle, you move around the map, kill enemy units, at the end of each level, you will find hefty and strong boss.

By passing dynamic battles you can perform different mini-tasks in the future for their execution, you will unlock more levels. By the way, each character has their own moves and skills, so spider-Man moves on the web, the Hulk can lift heavy objects and so on.

Management is quite usual, the left analog stick control the characters, and the buttons on the right are responsible for the shooting, a superkick and for keeping melee. Overall LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes for Android is a very interesting game, it will appeal to fans of the LEGO series, especially because during the game you will be able to access all the unique super heroes with unique special powers, and such heroes game already and ninety-one, so it will be interesting to play.

Download LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes


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