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Hill Climb Racing – Great racing game for Android that is performed on a well-understood physics engine, it has pretty interesting gameplay and won the hearts of many players around the world.

Hill Climb Racing

You’ll play for a very talented rider named bill, he loves to conquer the unruly peaks, which actually will try to make for many exciting levels. To do this, he must be constantly improved itself, and of course their vehicles, which in the game quite a lot.

The game has surprised not only the unique gameplay, but also good, very bright graphics and many interesting levels.

To drive a vehicle we’ll be using two buttons, actually the gas and brake. All our vehicles are rear-wheel drive, which means that sharp when you press the gas, the car slightly raising up to balance the car you have to press on the brake and the car will fall down.

To be able to pass the levels to the max will need to become accustomed to keep the balance, but it is not so simple. Download Hill Climb Racing for Android can the links below there you’ll find the original version, and the version on the money, pick and choose what you like.

At each level we have to go a certain distance before the finish, it does not break, plus everything in the game is limited to gasoline, it needs to be selected while riding, if you miss the canister with fuel, most likely not going to get to the next stage, so be careful. Also, if our car will turn over and our rider touches the ground, its neck will break and you’ll have to start the level again.

Earned finances can be spent on the purchase of new cars or to improve an existing vehicle. At the moment the game is available in nineteen different worlds to go through, but with every update developers add new. Each world is unique in terms of coverage and in physics, for example in space the force of gravity is different from ours. Still on your car you can do all sorts of tricks are rewarded with additional points and money.

Download Hill Climb Racing for Android


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