Download Grim legends 2 for Android

Grim legends 2 the game – the Second part of the quest series of games Grim legends where you had the opportunity to rescue the young Queen from death, and change the fate of the whole Kingdom. In this version, you take on the role of the doctor, who was summoned by the king for his young wife.

Grim legends 2 for Android


The fact that the Queen is no longer talked and evil tongues accuse her of witchcraft, you will have only one day for which you have to prove that the witch Queen is not yet to know why she is silent, if you will not be able to do young lady mercilessly executed.

In the new part of this quest is the same interesting story and very good graphics, just waiting for you a huge variety of puzzles that will be very interesting, you should also very carefully inspect each location there and find useful items, without which you will not open all secrets.

Game Grim legends 2 for the game contains three difficulty modes, the selected mode will depend on how quickly you are recovering tips can also be fines for improper touch on the screen will be highlighted in the active zone on the levels and so on.

Of course, if you have already completed the first part of Grim legends: the forsaken bride, then you can safely choose the expert mode, because the game mechanics of the quests are very similar, not for nothing they are in a single series.

Graphics of this Android game is simply amazing, the developers have tried and done on five balls, just pleased interactive elements: birds can scare, butterflies fly away when touched, the leaves moving in the wind, they can even pluck, and so on. Certainly does not disappoint and sound design, the music is very beautiful.

Download Grim legends 2 for Android


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