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Fatal Fight the game is Quite original fighting game for Android in which simple controls, lots of blood, good Oriental music, bright picture and good animation. In this arcade fighting game will play for Shaolin warrior – masters of Kaya, who will make war with the clan of Shadows consisting of foot ninja. Our hero stands in the middle of the playing field and awaits the attack of the ninja, as they come, he begins them them ruthlessly “cut down”.

Fatal Fight the game

To manage our master will be by means of a virtual joystick, just pressing the left and right of the screen, as soon as the enemies will be in a special area you need to strike. As with all Android games first wave of enemies will be very simple, you can destroy your enemies with one hit, but gradually the game more complicated and there will be strong enemies that you need to fight competently.

With each new wave ninja will study it to learn how to put the blocks, learn new techniques, be able to Dodge your attacks, and as suddenly to navigate through the location. It is clear that dirty killer ninja will use against our hero different weapons, but when you kill them their swords, clubs, arrows lie on the ground, you can pick them up and use enemy weapons against them.

Fatal Fight for Android is very addictive game, it’s interesting how its gameplay and graphic. The picture is nice and bright, and the effects are generally above all praise, thanks they want again and again to kill the enemies and enjoy. Our master Kai is a very competent warrior, he knows many tricks and is constantly trying to kill your opponent very nice, for example to cut the Nijo in half or jump to carry him his stupid head. The play is definitely, after all these Android games can drag on for hours.

Download Fatal Fight the game


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