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DRAW SLASHER by Mass Creation – a Very original game in which the developers have mixed the two genres at once – really insane mix of platforming, slashers and fighting game with a muddled plot. In this game you have to play for the nimble ninja who wakes to fight the crowds of monkeys-zombies.

DRAW SLASHER by Mass Creation

Yes it is such a dying primates will constantly attack our hero, and they will climb from all sides, so you need to be careful and spirited player that would skillfully to soak them. The main part of Android game DRAW SLASHER by Mass Creation resembles a well-known Fruit Ninja, so what you need is a fast swipe across the screen to kill all of the monsters appearing.

However, there will be missions where you need to run and jump, that is, the game will switch to the platforming, you know pretty funny turns when genres so drastically change the game.

Also in the game is not without bosses, they are quite diverse and vary in their abilities, in order to kill them you need to use the magical elements possessed by the main character. In a single company can be posperity in endless mode, and also to perform a specific job.

The graphics in the game also did not disappoint, drawing not very common and colorful. Management really complicated, it need a little time to get used to pressing the display you move your character to the desired point, direction, length, and shape of your swipe determines the trajectory of the hero blows, and gesture in upper designed to jump.

Generally I’ll get used to it, but it’s worth it, because music genres from the developers is very original and funny, so the game can take several hours for sure.

Download DRAW SLASHER by Mass Creation



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