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Dead Trigger for Android is a Great first person shooter in which you have to wander through the corridors teeming with bloodthirsty killers or as we used to call them – zombies. You have to kill them from all kinds of weapons and try to stay alive.

Dead Trigger

In the story, the actions in this Android game takes place in our time, namely in 2012, this is the year when people decided to stage a coup and rebelled against the dictatorial regime of the government. However, the major rulers without hesitation, decided EN masse to get rid of all unwanted and distributed worldwide, the deadly virus that was supposed to make people subordinate to them mutants.

However, not all people can become such mutants, several thousand worldwide had complete immunity to the virus and survived, one of them is our protagonist. You will be with this character to wander through the locations in search of food and ammunition, and on the way to shoot the whole crowd of zombies who only want to tear you to pieces and devour.

In fact, the gameplay is quite repetitive, but the developers have added thereto various missions to complete, which is much diversified gameplay. So the game is just gorgeous captivating graphics and cool special effects surrounding the world’s most researched, zombies are very realistic. The game will appeal to any lovers of a quality first-person shooters, think many people will appreciate.

Download Dead Trigger for Android


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