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Day of the Viking android Is Android strategy of the Tower Defense genre, in this game the usual gameplay with heaps protective towers gave way to protect just one building, which you’ll be protected from the attacks of the evil Vikings, who strive to break through your defenses and kidnap the Princess.


At the beginning of the game may seem very simple, you will have a very poor army consisting of two clumsy archers, one scout and catapults, which is managed by one unit. Such an army, but enough to reject the initial enemy attacks, and then everything will start to become more complicated: the player will be a new units, you can build defensive towers, and the enemy will become more intelligent and strong, they can jump charges your catapult and can withstand a few hits from archers.

To skillfully cope with the enemy constantly to improve their units, it can be done for the earned in the battle Moolah. You can improve the characteristics of Riflemen, to buy a more powerful charges for catapults and buy a new defense for his fortress. By passing the protection of the castle you need to perform a secondary task that will earn more money and earn three stars.

The graphics in the game is quite interesting, it is made in a cartoon style, and the characters are done in a caricature format. Gameplay Android game Day of the Viking is quite funny and dynamic, it requires the player’s full concentration, instant decisions and care.

Download Day of the Viking for android


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