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Dark Strokes 2 (Heart of darkness 2) on android – Another stunning and very high-quality quest for Android from the famous Studio of Alawar, this time introduces us to the story of the young Princess. It so happened that the Princess’s father king Henry long ago made a deal with the evil sorcerer.

Dark Strokes

The king has received the tree that had the Golden plates, in return, the sorcerer asked when the time comes to give him the only fruit of this tree, the Golden Apple. However, the king was a greedy man and broke the Treaty, for which he paid: his only daughter, Princess Adele was imprisoned in the crystal ball.

Now in order to save the girl need to act decisively, you need to find a Golden Apple and return it to the sorcerer that he will release the girl. The venture is feasible in principle, but if not for one thing – anyone who touches cherished fetus will become a statue. So you in this game will be a real adventure, are you ready for him?

The graphics are simply gorgeous and very high quality, the developers from Alawar always pridelyayut great attention, we will get into colorful locations with detailed landscapes, in a beautiful room with a bunch of scattered objects in which we are actually going to look for the needed items and solve riddles and puzzles.

As you understand the gameplay in principle standard for Android quests, but there is in this game and novelties which you’ll learn in the process of passing.

Download Dark Strokes 2


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