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Cover Orange: Journey – Very high quality arcade puzzle game for Android with simple and very interesting and addictive gameplay and very nice graphics. Starring at us orange who travels the world, and behind him is constantly being chased by the cloud, but not an ordinary cloud, instead of raindrops, it pushes the gears, which is very dangerous for our main character.

Cover Orange Journey


Here these gears and we have to hide, you need to build for orange special covers of various components which will be scattered throughout the level. First of all, the game impresses players with its realistic physics and graphics, as well as just the huge variety of levels.

Game Cover Orange: Journey for Android has more than six hundred exciting levels, which are divided into five worlds, and work on the development is still underway, so go quickly to the game or does not work. Each level should be three stars, the rating takes into account the transmission rate and the number of Packed components.

So, the main characters in the game oranges, we’ll solve puzzles to hide fruit in shelter from the angry clouds, for this build shelters from different objects: chests, wheels, stones and all sorts of other, at each level there will be more and more and all are different. In the left corner of the display will be available for the construction of objects, and in turn.

You need to take these items and drag in a designated level, at the beginning everything is simple, but the puzzles will become more complex and will need to calculate each move, the flight path of different items that you will need to run the boxes and stuff. Most interesting is that the game is not how much annoying, it would seem the gameplay is very repetitive and quickly get bored, but in each world, the world appears something new, the new features and elements that significantly change the gameplay.

Download Cover Orange: Journey


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