Download Chronology: time changes …

Chronology: time changes … – Quality and beautiful Android platformer in which there are puzzles, and the game is fun delugan that can travel through time.

The game’s story tells us about an old inventor who has constructed a time machine and is now using her to try to change the world for the better.


At first glance, you might think that the game is a simple platformer with colorful levels, but thanks to a time machine, our hero can move into the future and into the past and in each dimension the gameplay is radically different, and the puzzles in the game are forced to use the gameplay of both measurements.

Both measurements have their own characteristics, in the past, you will plunge into the world of ruin, where you will help a variety of plants, and the like, and in the future will be technology in the form of mechanisms and electrical fixtures, all this together will help to pass all levels and solve all the puzzles.

So our hero has a true friend Snail, which will help him in difficult situations, it can completely stop time. In General the game is very good and colorful, it constantly forces the player to think a head, so definitely worth playing.

Download Chronology: time changes …


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