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Botanicula for Android is an Interesting puzzle quest is the game in which small, funny creatures will try to save some seed from the terrible evil black spider. The story of this beautiful game will tell us about a heavenly seed, which strangely fell to the ground. From this seed grew a beautiful, snow-white tree on which he settled unusual, fabulous freaks.

Botanicula for Android


Later this tree is beginning to yield great rewards in the form of incredibly beautiful seeds. The seeds were not only beautiful but also very tasty. It is understood the evil black spider, he attacked the Paradise tree and started eating all of his seeds. He managed to gobble up all the seeds except one that fell and disappeared between the branches. And that is the seed found our little, bit of strange creatures that took the seed and went on an adventure to land him and try to grow a new Paradise tree.

The graphics in Botanicula on Android is simply gorgeous, our little heroes are very diverse, will be among them, both large and small, wonderful, cute and funny. All the characters are perfectly drawn, they are unusual shapes and unusual colors, one can see the master’s hand. However, not only do the characters look amazing, the entire game world and all around is simply amazing in its detail, portrayal and a very unusual color palette.

Do you have an exciting journey in this magical world in which the characters will have to solve various puzzles. On each level you have to look for various objects and things, and match them to solve the puzzle. And the puzzles in this Android game so much that they put the player for many hours, and the schedule will not allow you to turn off the game without going through it from beginning to the end.

Download Botanicula for Android


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