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Bike Rivals for Android – the Game is high quality and very exciting trial, in which the developers at Miniclip has prepared quite a lot of challenging trails on which so many kinds of barriers, obstacles and dangers. In order to successfully complete these trails need very cleverly perform stunts to press the gas all the way and fly that is urine. The graphics are well drawn, each level is unique and very beautiful.

Bike Rivals

The routes will run on a variety of terrains from forest beauty and to the merciless deserts, at each level will have its own interesting obstacles: all kinds of jumps, all sorts of lifts, huge rocks, rivers and many others. Also do not forget the developers and about the physics, it is quite realistic, so take this into account when passing routes, for example if the speed of your bike will be too small you will not be able to climb a steep mountain or not fly until the end of the abyss.

The purpose of annoyingand games are Bike Rivals, as in similar games of this genre is to reach the finish line while spending the minimum amount of time. For successful completion of the route you will earn experience points, which will be displayed in a number of stars from one to three.

But to drive each of the tracks will not be easy three stars, because with each race, the complexity of the tracks will increase, there will be all new, more challenging obstacles. For example, will have to slip away from huge stones, or to have time to slip through the tunnel started to collapse, will begin to perform more difficult tricks and so on.

It is due to this sort of unexpected obstacles Bike Rivals for Android stands out among similar games, the gameplay becomes more fun and eventful.

Download Bike Rivals for Android


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