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Angry Birds Space is the fourth game in the series that brought the familiar mechanics of a significant change: the action game, the developers moved with picturesque lawns and Sunny clearings in a cold and dark space.

On the screen slingshot with “shells” can now be located not on the same level with the pigs fortifications. Birds are usually found on a small asteroid, snoring and green animals wandering on a nearby planet.

Angry Birds Space

Every planet has a conditional radius, in which all subjects are exposed to the force of gravity. That said, once you put in a straight line the bird reaches the zone of attraction, its trajectory changes. Strengthening pigs can be located over the entire area of the planet, so sometimes you need to give the bird the opportunity to go around the ball several times before it reaches the target.

In addition to the modified physics in Angry Birds Space, there are two new combat units: Ice bird and Purple. First freezes everything will get, even making concrete blocks vulnerable to the slightest shock, and the second is a modification of a Yellow bird with an incredibly useful amendment: during the flight you can click on a certain object and a bird with an arrow attacks him, even ignoring the zone of attraction.

Angry Birds Space has three planets-heads (Pig Bang, Cold Guts and Danger Zone), which includes 30 levels of this skill. The game is available for download from the official site for the PC and in the AppStore for iOS devices.

Download Angry Birds Space


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