Dolphin Browser Express

In the market of browsers already present favorites, among which I should mention a very popular browser Dolphin Browser Express. This browser combines not only a stylish interface and advanced functionality, along with high speed, which is provided with firm Dolphin engine Engine. Since the browser has passed not enough time, the developers have released a huge amount of updates and do it all the time, improving your browser to the ideal.

The browser interface should not cause much criticism, because it is very similar to most other browsers. The upper part of the screen is devoted to tabs, between which you can switch with a single tap, and clicking on the x, the tab can be closed. Also on the same panel is a button “New tab”. The second panel was covered already a large number of buttons and the input line of the address/search. To the left of the input string is a Bookmark button, Back and Forward, to the right – Menu, Home, Gesture, Add-ons and Tabs.Dolphin Browser Express for Android

The developers have completely abandoned any panels at the bottom, so the rest of the screen is reserved for the web page. To quickly navigate to your favorite site, it is not necessary to go into bookmarks and look for it in a huge list, simply click on the Gestures button, then draw a pre-prepared gesture. It will take you on the strength of 3-5 seconds. In the section “Additions”, you can download a very useful browser plugins that will extend its functionality and make it even more convenient. Section “Tabs” was made in order that you could quickly close all open tabs, and view recently closed tabs.

Thanks to a proprietary technology Dolphin Connect, you will be able to quickly and easily share links between your PC and your smartphone/tablet, just posting the link. Detailed instructions you will find in the application itself. Speaking of speed, it is worth mentioning that this browser is one of the fastest, not only according to the developers, but according to most users who have installed the browser.

To summarize: Dolphin Browser Express is a worthy competitor to Google Chrome, Opera, UC Browser and other popular browsers. Enjoy!

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