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Ranner for ours the android of devices where blood-thirsty zombak will pursue seniors in native school. At one usual school occurred terrible and inexplicable, practically all school students got sick with an unknown illness and turned in walking mertvyak.

Corridor Z


Only three people, two seniors and one military who on combination of circumstances appeared at that school managed to escape from a dreadful disease. Here is how time these three heroes also should get out from school, trying not to get “for dinner” to the former schoolmates.

From heroes at us the pretty girl, the senior athlete and the trained military, heroes have no special features, they are united by only one purpose – to reach on the first floor and to escape far away from ominous school.

Game process of Corridor Z is similar similar the android of early frames: we see as on the camera one of heroes runs, and behind him the same blood-thirsty mertvyak trudge. Though our enemies and mertvyak, but run they quickly enough therefore in the course of run it is necessary to use cunning a little bit – it is necessary to overturn different garbage which is placed under walls to slow down enemies.

Also on a floor different guns which also effectively stop the zombie will come across. Management quite simple to throw garbage under feet of mertvyak it is enough to make  in that party where there is different a stuff and to shoot from the weapon it is necessary to stamp simply on the screen.

In the course of run it is also necessary to perform mini tasks, for example it is necessary to run a certain distance, to shoot the necessary number of times from the weapon, to dump some obstacles and so on. This ranner for the android has the unique differences from the bored similar games: here other provision of the camera, other mechanics of run, a mini task and easy tension from sounds which publish the zombie.

Download Corridor Z


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