Avast Ransomware Removal

Avast Ransomware Removal – is ransomware, which started its active development since 2005, and now in connection with the development of mobile platforms, systems and devices, they quietly began to move from Windows to Android.

They are able to bring one main problem for Android users is to encrypt important files with RSA-1024 and delete the originals, and then give you a modest message that you need zaplaty n-th sum of money, if you want to unlock your files. Anti-virus developers Avast decided to help users to solve this problem and released the avast! Ransomware Removal.Avast Ransomware Remova

You don’t have to do any extra actions, just run the application and wait until the automatic checking of apps and files on your system. If you do not want to wait long, we have to pacify their demands, because even on Nexus 7 2012 check lasted for more than 5 minutes (assuming that you have installed more than 50 apps on the device), and on weaker devices check can drag on even longer, so be patient and wait.

Ransomware Removal

During the inspection it is advisable not to touch the device once again, especially if it’s not particularly fast, so the whole system freezes completely. If you see a similar window as in the 3rd screenshot, we can rejoice because, no applications-ransomware on your device is not detected, as, indeed, infected files. Immediately the application proposes to remove themselves, but this decision is not required.

If infected files were found, then just click on Save button My Data and wait for the end of the program. All files will be restored and will be available as before.

No settings in the app is not provided, it performs only one function – check on viruses extortionists. To summarize: avast Ransomware Removal is undoubtedly a useful application that it is desirable to set everyone to check their device and be sure that everything is cool and works great. Enjoy!

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