Attack the Light

Light attack role – playing game for Android which was surprisingly exciting and fun, it is created on motives of the cartoon “Steven universe”. The main character named Stephen recently became part of the cosmic warriors gems, foolishly he drops a magic prism, which in turn has freed many monsters that instantly dispersed to game locations.



You have the four heroes try to bury these monsters in a magical item, for this study the first level, you fight your enemies and bring it to the end. Heroes from the squad have a number of skills and attacking techniques, and Steven helps them: he uses magic items, treats squad and protects them, putting a shield.

The battles themselves take place in step mode, you choose a hero and your attack and watch the battle to increase the force of impact you need time to press the screen, the same way you can defend against enemy attacks.

Of course in the game you’ll spend much time in the study of the worlds, ‘ll seek out the right things and items, solve puzzles and participate in the development of the plot. There is in the game Attack the Light on the game and system throughput and improve the characters, you increase the levels, change gear, and learn new things.

The game is quite good and interesting, of course she doesn’t pull on full-fledged RPG, but arcade mechanics with interesting abilities and amusing humorous story can drag on for hours.

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