App for the Android Runkeeper

Run keeper android application is the latest technological development for people managing their workouts. This application is designed to track your distance, speed, time, calories; pace of your fitness activities by using exclusive GPS enabled mobile devices. It is an amazing way to keep a track record of your fitness activities.

It is a best way to improve your fitness that is mostly used by the athletes, bikers, runners, hikers and other fitness trainers. It provides route tracking along with exclusive history, features and personalization features.

Different Features of Application for Android Run keeper

* It gives the detailed summary of your workout by showing your respective route on a detailed map. A long with your route, it also provides details about your time, distance, pace, calories burnt etc. Although, it does not work effectively when the sky is covered with thick clouds as it is a GPS enabled application.

* The application has some amazing personalization features including cardio exercise record feature etc. You can easily set your time and distance of your workout through this application.App-for-the-Android-Runkeeper

* You can easily share your work out details on social networking sites like twitter, Facebook any many other sites. It facilitates uploading of your track route and summary of your fitness activities.

* It also provides a history and mapping of your workouts. This application automatically saves your work out route in your history section so you can view anytime you want.

* Run keeper application has amazing mapping features and history features. It can easily be downloaded on your android devices and it has become one of the leading fitness based applications for Android.

* The activity screen displays your total workout on the top of the screen, while the other two buttons at the bottom show your overall distance and pace. The specific bars in the middle reflect the real time of your running period. When you hit the finish line, press the red button saying STOP. You can end the activity by choosing `I M DONE` on the next screen.

The Run keeper android application is a useful application when you work out indoors or outdoors. You can manually enter your plan and carefully select your specific activity type like running, biking, cycling etc. You can also enjoy your activity with ring bells, whistles and music.

The android run keeper application is a best way to keep a record of your workout history and you can easily compare it with your previous work outs. This helps you to improve your regular work out strategies or to keep a constant workout routine. By sharing your workout routine on social media, you can motivate other people to carry on the same activity.

Runkeeper for PC

If you want to use the Runkeeper on your PC, you will need to download and install the Android emulator on your PC.

  1. Download emulator BlueStacks for Windows 7/8
  2. Once you downloaded it, you need to install it.
  3. Then after installation on your PC BlueStacks, run it.
  4. In the search menu emulator, trying to enter Runkeeper .
  5. Next, click on the set button.

That’s all.
Of course, you can’t use the search engine in the emulator, and download the AKP. file from the Internet and to open it. If you have already installed BlueStacksthe file will be opened automatically in the emulator.


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