Anti-Theft for Android

Want to be able to return your phone or tablet after stolen or lost? Best free Anti-Theft will allow you to monitor the device, making ‘ lost in the past. This function will allow not only to find the device, but also control it remotely.

Some features:
– ability to remotely lock devices and erase data from the memory;
– the ability to control the camera and intercept sound from microphone of your device;
– stealth mode;
– remote management via a web interface and SMS;
– you can search for devices under android on the map with the built GPS;
– ability to remotely lock the device;
– divert calls and messages to another phone;
– geo-fence: the device performs certain actions (activate siren, lock, send location data), when you leave the designated perimeter. (for example, if You went to a restaurant, set up a perimeter of 300 meters and someone will snatch your device, the actions will be activated when crossing protective device perimeter. AVAILABLE IN THE PREMIUM VERSION;
– remote authentication (creating pictures of the thief when you try to unlock the device). AVAILABLE IN PREMIUM VERSION.antivirus Anti-Theft

When you first start Anti-Theft will need to provide your name, to set a PIN number for the application to specify a backup phone number to contact (e.g. friends). In the app, lots of options for the behavior of Your phone. Before you enable protection, I recommend to configure the application for yourself, to do this, switch to advanced settings.

In the settings You will be asked to choose protective actions when the SIM card is replaced or if the device is marked as lost. The default will be sent an SMS message with a new number and the location of the phone. You can also specify the text of the lock, which will be on the lock screen of the phone instead of the default message.

Don’t forget to tick the box to automatically activate the GPS if you are prompted to track. Configure geofence and protection from hard reset. I want to note that to activate some settings needs ROOT rights. After setting enable Anti – Theft, the application will enter stealth mode.

With Anti-Theft You always with almost 100% probability will return your phone. First of all, the app should install on the phones of their children (they love to forget them at school or in the cafe). On a 5-point scale the five plus. Avast as always on top.

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