best dumbell exercises

30 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Building Muscle

Free weights are a muscle-building stalwart. You can do these moves in your local or hotel gym—or even at home.

1一分钟极速赛车官方开奖结果-查询168赛车开奖直播-极速赛车168开奖官网开奖历史记录 EDITOR'S PICKS

The best men’s winter coats for 2023 blend the best of modern utility with classic or cutting-edge style.

15 Winter Coats That Look Great and Can Weather Any Storm

The best men’s winter coats blend modern utility with classic style. When it's time to layer up, these are the coats to reach for.


Grooming Awards: Best Acne Body Wash to Clear Bacne

Struggling to clear back acne? This is the best acne body wash you can find for all skin types and needs.

View of hiker standing in a field of wildflowers in Carrio Plain National Monument, CA, through an open tent doorway

What I’ve Learned from Adventuring Close to Home

Seeking your next far-flung, outdoor adventure? Here’s why you may want to look a little closer afield.


Guide's Corner: Q&A With Fly Fishing Guide and Photographer, Tyler Bowman

A weekly Q&A with fly fishing guides from around the U.S. Read about how they got started, funny experiences, and favorite gear.

Josh Peck on his podcast Good Guys

Josh Peck Was Almost Edward Cullen

On an episode of his podcast he told the story to Taylor Lautner who played Jacob in the films.

Martin Scorsese on his iPad on a yellow couch scrolling through Letterboxd

Martin Scorsese Joins Letterboxd

The ultimate cinephile has joined the app made for movie lovers.

Freddy on Fight Night's at Freddys Character Poster

Five Nights at Freddy's Review Roundup

Does the latest video game adaptation hit the mark?

KA! Empathogenics available in chewable & tincture form.

Sober October Spotlight: KA!

This vibe-enhancing alternative to alcohol is available in chewable & tincture form.

Celebrate Global Champagne Day on Friday, October 27th.

What Corks To Pop For Global Champagne Day

Celebrate Global Champagne Day on Friday, October 27th with these delicious bubbles.

Tour de France Unveiled

Unveiled Tour de France Routes “Is So Hard”

Leaves Rider “In A Bit Of Shock”


some of the best pieces of fitness equipment from johnson fitness are the powerblock pro 32 set, the hoist mi7 functional training system, and the nordictrack commercial s22i studio cycle, seen here

A Celebrity Trainer Weighs In: Picking the Best Fitness Equipment for Home Gyms

Consider space, goals, and budget to pick out your new gear.

the best sauna blankets include brands like Sun Home Saunas and SurmountWay, as seen here with a woman using a sauna blanket.

10 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets of 2023

Looking to work up a sweat while laying perfectly still? These 10 at-home infrared sauna blankets will do the trick.

Sun Home Cold Plunge Pro

Best Cold Plunge Tubs For Athletes and Recovery in 2023

Looking to level up your wellness game? These 9 at-home cold plunge tubs and ice baths will do the trick.


Candace Owens on Club Random With Bill Maher, promo thumbnail

Candace Owens Claims the Biggest Threat to Men Is Porn

It's everywhere and even schools are now saying that watching porn is super-healthy, says the conservative commentator and activist, but "it's rendering men very weak."

Tommy Lee Club Random promo

Tommy Lee Beats on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

No offense, says the storied rocker, but “maybe this place isn’t the cool club."

Mayim Bialik Club Random promo

Why Mayim Bialik Vouches for Divorce

“I’m not seeing many healthy-looking unions out there,” says ‘The Big Bang Theory’ alum, neuroscience scholar, and ‘Jeopardy!’ host.